Desk Mats for the whole family

We’re really excited to have launched our own desk mats, available on Amazon.co.uk that are brilliant for your home office or your desk at work to really personalise your space and protect the surfaces you work on!

Desk mats for the office

Tidy desk, tidy mind, so the saying goes. Our desk mats provide a clutter-free space to work at your home office or place of work. You can use the mat to protect your desk from the stains caused from drinks or food. It will also ensure your desk stays free of any stray pen marks or indentations from writing. The physical appearance of your desk becomes cleaner, clearer and far more professional. Using one of our desk mats will transform your working day into something that feels calmer, better organised and more hygienic. They’re completely wipeable so you can use them to the max and protect your desk from scratches from your laptop or pc/mac. You’ll have your own clean space to work in and become more productive and happier in your work as a result.

For children

Our desk mats for children make keeping their playing or writing space an absolute dream! Brightly decorated with colourful letters from A-Z or a full set of timetables, they’re the perfect size to build Lego on, play farms or race cars. Using our desk mat will look like fun for your child, but for you, it’s peace of mind that your carpet or flooring is protected while they play and you can also use our desk mats for serving up a drink and snack while they play.

For older children

Yes, we tell them to work on the table – but do they listen? If your tween or teen is doing homework or crafting, our desk mats are perfect as a quick table protector to keep your beautiful surface free from paint or stains and marks. It’s also far more likely, they’ll end up on the floor – or their bed – working, writing, journaling, crafting, playing computer games – and our desk mats are just the thing for adding that extra layer of protection and security so that your bedding, flooring, or furniture doesn’t suffer simply because your kids weren’t thinking.

In the garden

When the weather is warm, it’s wonderful to work outside in the garden, or retire there early evening finishing off emails and other bits of admin you didn’t get done during the day. The trouble is, we all know that our garden tables are often wobbly or wonky and the surfaces aren’t always flat and comfortable to work on. Buying one of our desk mats will literally change your life! You can work outside comfortably, using one of our brightly coloured or decorated mats, to provide a suitable surface on your deck or in your garden. It’ll also protect your lovely garden furniture from any unwanted spills, scratches or marks caused by your laptop or that cheeky glass of wine you treat yourself to as the sun goes down.

The range

Our full range currently includes four different colours – purple, blue, black or lime – to suit any décor or taste, two children’s desk mats with the alphabet brightly adorning the surface, four photographs of places we’d love to travel to, and a desk calendar for convenient off-the-cuff planning. And coming soon, we’ve got even more choice for you – so keep coming back to see what else Stewart Superior is planning. Whatever you’re after, we’ve got you covered.

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