Make it Snappy – Snap frames from SECO by Stewart Superior

What is a snap frame?

Some people call them poster frames but we call them snap frames because they snap into place and can hold far more than just a poster. Snap frames are one of the easiest to use holders of pictures, notices, certificates, posters, photographs, advertisements, information sheets, and anything else that needs to be clearly displayed on a wall or door. The real beauty of a snap frame is that you can swap its contents without having to remove the whole thing off the wall.

How do our snap frames work?

It’s a really good question and the clue is definitely in the name. The frames snap out so you put your display into position and then they snap back in place again. Unlike a photo frame, where you have to take the whole thing off the wall, once you’ve installed this on your preferred door or wall, all you have to do is use your hands and snap the frame out of position and then snap it back. In other words, you load everything from the front rather than from the back, making them the most flexible display units ever!

What size do I need?

We have snap frame in lots of different sizes and so whatever size your item is, you can be sure there’s a snap frame for you. We have at least 11 different size combinations and that covers pretty much every base.

What colours do you have?

Are you ready? We’re like Joseph’s dreamcoat, we’ve got so many, where should we start? Silver of course. And black because that’s a brilliant colour for any room or location. But we’re also fancy. We have chrome. Yes. Chrome. We have Dark Wood, which is a beautiful effect for any frame especially for a more traditional setting. We have Gold. Of course. And everybody’s second favourite colour red (unless it’s your favourite of course), and we also have white et voila, that’s our range of colours.

We hope you love them as much as we do.

What are they made of?

They’re made of high-quality aluminium and PVC and they come as a single piece so you don’t have to put them together before you can use them. They also have a UV resistant, anti-glare PVC front sheet to make everything you display stand out beautifully. This also makes them easy to wipe clean as well. We supply the screws and the rawl plugs because frankly why wouldn’t you? They can be positioned either portrait or landscape, depending on your need.

Why do I need one?

When you have something you’re proud of, you want to show it off to the world! But going to a framing shop to get it done can be expensive and time-consuming. This is a quick, easy and no-hassle solution. They’re affordable and easy to look after too. These are brilliant at home, the office or in commercial settings to show important information or advertise offers or prices. Use them inside because you wouldn’t want to get them wet but other than that, you can literally use them anywhere.


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